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Surface, Rails, Cloth and Space

There are a few important factors to consider while looking into a buying a pool table. This article will explain what most tables are made of and what the differences are. Surface The surfaces are usually made from with MDF/wood or slate. MDF is a medium density fiberboard that quickly reveals a drastic difference when […]


**WELCOME TO OUR NEW DREAMMAKER TUBS – THE CABANA SUITE SPA COLLECTION!**  The Cabana Suite Spa Collection where EVERYTHING is already included! The Cabana 2500 is a Plug & Play tub with 25 jets and is 120V Convertible. The Cabana 3500 is a 2-pump system with 35 jets and Ozone. They thought of everything with […]


YOUR HOT TUB CONCERNS: SEPARATING MYTHS FROM FACTS Here, we will address your hot tub concerns. People have always loved soaking in hot water. Untold generations have sought out natural hot springs to soothe their muscles. From the thermal baths of the Roman Empire to the exclusive health spas of 19th century Europe, hot baths […]

Heart Healthy?

For years, we’ve always thought that hot tubs, etc., were bad for heart patients…only to discover, like everything else, if used as directed and with caution, it can actually improve your heart health! Improve Your Cardiovascular Health Naturally A study at the Mayo Clinic found that since bathing in your hot tub simulates exercise, soaking in […]

Filter Cartridge Maintenance 100

Here is an article about how filter cartridges work and the important role they play in maintaining crystal clear and healthy water in your hot tub, swim spa or pool.     Silent but powerful features, your hot tub filters help ensure your hot tub’s overall performance and long life. They work in the background, […]

#WisdomWednesday – Hot Tub Covers Cont…

The price tag on a high-quality hot tub cover might make you have second thoughts whether it’s really worth the investment. Guess what?!  It is.  If you like the one shown here, a Covana Oasis electric cover, here is a link to a few more on our website: https://lakelandhottubpoolandpatio.us/product/oasis-hot-tub-cover/ Keeping chemicals as well as heat in […]

#ThrowbackThursday – Jacuzzi

THE HISTORY OF JACUZZI® HOT TUBS Jacuzzi® is a household name around the world. Known for their exclusive and luxurious hot tubs, Jacuzzi® has set an industry standard for hot tubs that offer the latest in features and accessories, healing properties and advanced technology. Being the most widely recognized name in whirlpool and hot tub hydrotherapy, it’s no surprise that Jacuzzi® […]

#WisdomWednesday – Hot Tub & Swim Spa Service

#WisdomWednesday – Hot Tub & Swim Spa Service Sales go up and down Service stays forever At Lakeland Unique Pools, Spas-N-More, we service all of the units we sell in-house, as well as others depending on the issue and model. When you call us, the same people you saw when you made your purchase are […]

#TipTuesday – Air Controllers

#TipTuesday To Air or Not To Air – That is the question! Did you know you should turn off or down your air controllers after you’ve finished using the hot tub or swim spa? These are the controls along the top that allow your jets to feel stronger or more gentle. There are two main […]