Above Ground Pool Packages

Everything needed to enjoy your pool

At Lakeland Unique Pools & Spas we make shopping for an above ground pool easy with our pool packages. Just tell us how big you want your pool to be, and while you’re picking out the liner we’ll be putting together everything else. Take a look below at everything included in our kits.

30 Year Complete Pool Package Options include

Available in 15′, 18′ and 24′

  • Sturdy 8″ Resin Top Tail
  • Enamel Coated Uprights
  • Resin Top Connector + Bottom Connector
  • Resin Top Track
  • 54″ Seashore wall pattern + Aluminum Panel
  • Standard Skimmer & Return Jet
  • A-Frame Entry Ladder with Barrier
  • Maint Equipment and Start-up Chemicals
    20 Mil overlap liner
  • WW100sqft Cartridge System 1.0 hp pump


48″-54″ Oval Pool

Oval Pool Sizes from – 12 x 17 ft. to 18 x 33 ft.

Swimming Pool Specifications

  • 54 in. tall corrugated steel wall
  • 7 in. steel top rails with Krystal Kote protection
  • 6 in. steel fully supportive uprights with Krystal Kote protection
  • Steel painted bottom rails
  • Resin boot style bottom plate
  • Steel interlocking stabilizing bar High quality resin 2 piece top cap

Included with our pool kits-

Pool Pump

Startup Chemicals

A-Frame Ladder

Cartridge (or) Sand Filter