4 Tips for the Maintenance of Above Ground Swimming Pools

There are a number of reasons why you might want to go with a swimming pool rather than an inground pool. Whether you choose this type of pool because of budget or the need for portability, above ground swimming pools are a great choice for many families.

Here are a few tips about maintaining above ground swimming pools that might help.

  1. Filtering: Be sure that you run the pump long enough to filter the water properly. If you have a two-speed motor that you can run on low, you can safely run it 24 hours a day. Otherwise, be sure to run the pump at least 8 hours and preferably 12 hours, especially during the summer. Be sure to check the filter pressure often to be sure it is working correctly.
  2. Water Level: Above ground swimming pools cannot operate efficiently and you could damage the equipment if you let the water level fall below the recommended line. Make it a point to inspect the water level at least twice a week or even more often during the heat of summer in Polk and Hillsborough County, or anywhere in Central Florida, when evaporation is at its highest.
  3. Skim: Be sure to skim off any floating debris as often as possible. It is much easier to clean it off the top then to get it removed after it sinks. Furthermore, leaves and other things can upset the balance of your water chemicals and lead to an algae bloom.
  4. Check Chemicals and Adjust: It is always easier to keep the water in above ground swimming pools in balance than it is to try to correct it when it goes way out of balance. Never let anyone swim in your pool if the water hasn’t been recently tested, as it can be dangerous.

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