4 Reasons for a Hot Tub this Holiday Season- From Dream Maker Spas

4 Reasons for a Hot Tub this Holiday Season- From Dream Maker Spas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The decorations are going up, family’s coming into town, the snow is falling down and delicious food is filling the house.

Behind the scenes, you’ve put a lot of time, effort and muscle into making the holidays picture-perfect for your entire family. With all that’s going on this month, it’s important to take time for yourself with a soothing soak and massage. This season, we’ve put together four VERY good reasons to take time out in your hot tub from Dream Maker Spas:

1) The Decorator’s Muscle Aches

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and that was the easy part! You also strung lights on the roof, around bushes and over railings. You hauled a tree from the lot (or went the extra mile and cut one down yourself), strung more lights, and hung all the ornaments. You pulled decorations down from the attic, up from the basement, or out from the garage. And now you’re SORE!

All that climbing, hanging and lifting takes its toll on muscles that can tighten and tense up. Muscles knots are a common problem for active people in general, but can become more prevalent with increased activity and lifting. Fortunately, you can treat muscle knots yourself through massage. Lean back against the contoured seats of your hot tub from Dream Maker Spas, and let our strategically placed jets target frequently used muscle groups in your shoulders, back and legs. When you step out, you’ll be refreshed and ready for more work (but that can be our little secret!)

2) The Snowman’s Chill

You look outside to find a world covered in white. It’s beautiful, peaceful, and blocking your driveway. The in-laws are coming soon to admire your delightfully decorated house, so you know you need to get out there and clear a path. You’re feeling frozen by the time the work is done — even with a thick coat and gloves. This is a chill that hot cocoa alone won’t solve. This is the moment your hot tub has been waiting for.

Take of your spa’s cover, and melt into its soothing waters as steam surrounds you, clearing your mind and easing away the chills. You’ll immediately see why a warm, inviting hot tub is a favorite at ski resorts and mountain villas.

3) The Relative Stress

The relatives have poured in and the house is full of luggage, air mattresses, and someone’s overpowering perfume. From loud voices in every room to a burning smell coming from the kitchen, your house seems less like a Norman Rockwell painting and more like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

But finally… you’ve gotten your parents settled in, caught up with your nieces and nephews, turned off the oven, and given at least five tours of the house (where admiring eyes caught site of the hot tub in the back yard). Maybe it’s time to open that bad boy up for a quick breather. You invite anyone who needs a break from the noise of the house to join you out back for a relaxing soak. Away from the clatter of a house stuffed with company, you can sit back and unwind in the warm water of the spa as the snow quietly falls around you.

You know that you’ll need to get back in there soon, and the noise and fast pace of the holiday will pick back up. For this quiet moment, though, you’re at peace.

4) The Gathering Place

Up until this point we’ve joked that the holidays are work, work, work. But the truth is we do all of this to make wonderful memories with those we love. That’s why number four on our list is our favorite reason for owning a hot tub all year long: sharing quality time with family and friends. Beyond the work of decorating your home and gathering relatives is the joy of having everybody together at once. Slow down and catch up in your hot tub from Dream Maker Spas. A warm winter soak gives you and loved ones a chance to leave distractions at the door, coming together in a comfortable setting without phones or tablets to simply talk and enjoy each other’s company.

You can make the most of your hot tub this holiday season by reminding relatives that it’ll be open during their visit. Everyone can enjoy some rejuvenating spa time during their stay. We have also put together some advice on throwing a cold weather hot tub party here to help you make the most of your spa when you have company. For the perfect gathering place this holiday, step outside and come together in your hot tub from Dream Maker Spas.

If you would like to do some research, here is a link to our Dream Maker Spas page showing the line up, specifications, add ons, etc.  https://lakelandhottubpoolandpatio.us/product-category/hot-tubs/dream-maker/

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 -Shari Provan-Crofut