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#WisdomWednesday – Hot Tub Covers Cont…

The price tag on a high-quality hot tub cover might make you have second thoughts whether it’s really worth the investment. Guess what?!  It is.  If you like the one shown here, a Covana Oasis electric cover, here is a link to a few more on our website: https://lakelandhottubpoolandpatio.us/product/oasis-hot-tub-cover/ Keeping chemicals as well as heat in […]

#TipTuesday – Hot Tub Cover Care

A well-made hot tub cover is an essential part of your hot tub. It quietly fulfills two simple yet important functions: It keeps in heat, and it keeps out anything that shouldn’t be in your water. By making sure your spa is securely covered whenever it’s not in use, you can help ensure your water […]