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Sure, the internet and wholesale stores have hot tubs at low prices! And they deliver! Right to your curb! When this happens, unless you have several people on hand to help you move it, “Who you gonna call…?”
When you purchase a hot tub or swim spa from us, we bring it out and set it where you want, fill and add chemicals we supply. We also show you how to operate it. Any questions, we’re always here to help! Do yourself a favor and buy from us – we’re a full-service shop, family owned and operated, and we genuinely care about our customer service and their satisfaction. If you do buy one on line or in a warehouse store and find yourself in this situation, keep our number handy, 863-940-9826 and trust that we will do the job right!



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#TipTuesday – To Shock or Not To Shock?

#TipTuesday To Shock or Not To Shock?


No one wants to soak in a dirty hot tub. If your water’s cloudy, or isn’t smelling fresh despite your efforts to keep it clean, it could need a good shock.  Shocking your hot tub is the best way you can ensure that the water is safe and free from all contaminants. Whenever you open your hot tub, after a period of inactivity, or as part of your weekly maintenance or even use, it is a good idea to shock before and after use. Here is everything you should know about shocking your hot tub so you are prepared to care for your spa the proper and cleanliest way.

Why Shock Your Hot Tub?

The obvious reason for shocking your hot tub is to clean the water so it is safe for use.  If your water is cloudy, shock may take care of that. But what does shock really do for your water?

There are four main reasons to shock your hot tub:

    1. Remove organic compounds from the water.  If you use your hot tub often or you have 3 or 4 bathers in there at once, the level of organic compounds can spike quickly. Removing these compounds is a must for clean water.
    2. Kill bacteria. Chlorine and bromine based shock compounds can easily kill bacteria growing in the water so it is safe. However, if you use other types of shock compounds, they will not disinfect the water.
    3. Remove bromamines or chloramines from the hot tub. Adding shock once a week will help break the bonds that form these contaminants so they can easily be removed from the water.
    4. Reactivate bromides in the spa.  If your hot tub uses bromine, adding shock once a week will help activate it to properly clean the water of your hot tub.

Shock Compounds

There are two main types of shock compounds available – chlorine based and non-chlorine based shocks. Both offer their own strengths and weaknesses and should be a part of every hot tub owners maintenance schedule.

Chlorine Based Shock

These types of shock are both oxidizers and disinfectants as well. They should be used periodically but not every single time you need to give your hot tub a good shock as the chemicals can hard on your hot tub’s plumbing if misused. Chlorine based shock is best used when you first open your hot tub, when you change the water or when you need to give it a good cleaning after a heavy bather load.

Non-Chlorine Shock

These types of shock won’t disinfect the water, so if you are worried about bacteria this isn’t the right one to use. They are great at oxidizing other contaminants and cleaning up the water.  This type of shock is for regular use, i.e., on a weekly basis with regular chemical maintenance schedule or after use to keep the water in great shape while you are using your spa on a regular basis.


At Lakeland Unique Pools, Spas & More, we have a full line of chemicals for keeping your water beautiful, crystal clear and healthy at all times.  Bring in a sample of your water for free testing.  We will make sure you get everything you need – and nothing you don’t!



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Change Your Life with a Hot Tub!

Have you ever thought about how a hot tub could completely transform your life? It’s true, it certainly can do that. It is remarkable how many people come back in to see us at Unique Pools Spas Patio N More in Lakeland, FL to tell us that they wish they had gotten a hot tub years sooner. If your life is made less enjoyable due to stress, arthritis or aches and pains, a hot tub could make a huge difference.

  • Stress: Stress is a killer, in more ways than one. It can kill your health, your sanity and even your relationships if it goes on unchecked for any amount of time. It can cause you to lose focus, feel overwhelmed and lash out at family, friends and coworkers. Stress can be reduced significantly by soaking in a hot tub after a long, difficult day – or do so every day to let even the small annoyances lift from your shoulders.
  • Arthritis: Hot tubs are a fantastic way to relax stiff muscles and often offer relief to many arthritis sufferers. By loosening up your joints, it not only reduces pain while you are soaking, but can have a prolonged effect, as well.
  • Aches and Pains: Whether you have aches and pains all the time due to a chronic condition such as fibromyalgia or low back pain, or you just deal with it after exercising or overexerting, you will find a soak in a hot tub will do wonders.

Imagine a life with reduced pain and less stress! You can have that and more with a hot tub for your home in Polk and Hillsborough County, or anywhere in Central Florida. Having fun with friends doesn’t hurt either! Come by and see the models we have to offer, including collections from Hot Springs, Bahama Spas, Jacuzzi, Sunrise Spas, Dream Maker, Vita Spas and more.

Relax Your Troubles Away in a New Jacuzzi Hot Tub!

Wouldn’t you love being able to come home from work at the end of a long day to relax in a luxurious hot tub? Are you looking for a way to relive sore muscles or arthritis pain? Do you want to be able to host spa parties on the weekend for your friends and family? Jacuzzi makes it all possible!

Because of its high-quality products and market dominance, the Jacuzzi brand has become synonymous with hot tubs, similar to Kleenex for facial tissues and Band-Aid for adhesive bandages.  Jacuzzi hot tubs are beautiful, innovative, relaxing, fun, and energy-efficient.

At Unique Pools Spas Patio N More in Lakeland, Florida, we sell several different models of Jacuzzi hot tubs, including:

  • J-200 Series: This classic collection of Jacuzzi hot tubs provides great value, as they are the most affordable spas from Jacuzzi. Models are available for seating up to 7 adults, and these hot tubs come with up to 45 jets.
  • J-300 Series: This signature collection is unmatched by other hot tubs in performance and quality. Perfect for relieving stress and tight muscles, the J-300 series features several hydrotherapy options for a very satisfying experience. Models are available for seating up to 7 adults, and these hot tubs come with up to 50 jets.
  • J-400 Series: Perfect for entertaining, this designer collection offers the ultimate in luxury Jacuzzi hot tubs. The J-495 model was the winter of the ADEX platinum award for design excellence in 2013. Models are available for seating up to 9 adults, and these hot tubs come with up to 62 jets.

With all Jacuzzi hot tub models, several different colors and features are available to fit your needs. For example, depending on which model you choose, you may be able to add a Clearray® water purification system, ProClarity™ water filtration system, BLUEWAVE™ spa stereo system, status indicator lights, and more.

You can have a true oasis of relaxation and fun in your own backyard—contact us today at Unique Pools Spas Patio N More to learn more about the Jacuzzi brand hot tubs we offer!

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